Martial arts as an educational system are of paramount importance for everybody, especially for kids. Karate benefits kids at every aspect of their lives – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Developing balance, coordination, focus, respect, discipline and self-defence are well-known features of every practice. Keeping these benefits in mind and getting to know the huge interests among the students, we are introducing a Karate Course under our new training wing SKILL. Here, students will learn Japanese traditional martial art (Shotokan Karate) under the direct supervision of the Japan Karate Association WF Bangladesh. The Japan Karate Association World Federation (日本 空手 協会; Nihon Karate Kyokai; JKAWF;) is one of the most influential karate organizations in the world. It is also the oldest karate organization continuously in operation until now. With a vast membership in over 100 countries, JKA is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization. We believe that this course will benefit the students by fostering self-discipline, boosting socialization skills, encouraging physical activity, teaching to set and achieve goals, increasing self-esteem, instilling a sense of respect, encouraging non-violent conflict resolution, improving listening skills and so on. Prestigious membership card/passport of the Japan Karate Association will be issued against the registered students.

Not only these, through this course students will get access to all regional, national, continental/sub-continental and world championships, but access to all international seminars also participated or hosted by JKA WF Bangladesh and access to Japanese bodies working in Bangladesh such as Embassy of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).